Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life with New Kitten - Marco

My husband and I have adopted our first kitten. He's a 10 month old American (local) short haired kitty. Marco is gray and white and very adorable. He meows for a fur rub and purs endlessly. I'll make sure to post a picture of him for everyone to see.

I've learned so much about kittens just in the past few days that we've had him. Since I'm laid off, I spend all day with him. When I take my keys out, he runs to the door because he knows that I'll step out to get the mail. When he sees me putting down carpet freshener, he runs and hides because he knows that the vacuum cleaner ("The Noise Monster") is about to get used.

When I go to the closet where we keep his kitten food, he runs to his bowl waiting for a new patch of goodies. I never realized just how smart kittens are and how fast they adapt to new surroundings. In my next blog, I'll focus on new things about our cute kitten Marco.